Renovo is a joint ministry with Union Gospel Mission and Trinity.  Renovo provides transitional housing for women who have completed UGM's Hope Place recovery program. The women live at Renovo for up to 2 years while pursuing full-time employment and/or educational opportunities.  Renovo serves both single women and  mom's with children. UGM supports the guest with  living arrangements, case management and counseling.  Each of these women has a different story to share and have come to Renovo from a variety of paths. Testimonies of their lives and what God has done for them are moving and inspire awe as to how Jesus is at work in the lives of every individual.  Many of the women and their children get plugged into the life of Trinity.

History of Renovo:

Renovo opened in the fall of 2014 as a result of the collective vision of Jeff Lilley (form President of UGM), David Fairchild (former Pastor at Trinity), and Dan Duffus (businessman).  Jeff envisioned  local churches taking responsibility for the women graduating UGM’s program and transitioning back into the community in a healthy way.  David envisioned integrating the guests of Renovo into the life of the church to help shape the church grow in mercy and grace with those who experienced trauma and often abuse.  Dan envisioned bringing contractors, materials and land to construct and provide housing to these guests in their recovery process and entry into community.  Many other people contributed time, money and skill to bring this project to reality.  Over the course of several years, two buildings were constructed through the generosity of so many people in the community: Renovo1 consisting of 14 apartments and Renovo2, a fourplex apartment.


Buzz Huget // Pastor //