Since 2015, Trinity has partnered with both Majvieta Church and Ganibas Camp.  Majvieta is a revitalized church plant strategically situated in the capital city of Riga, Latvia to impact the city with the Gospel witness of Jesus Christ.  Majvieta partners with the Baltic Pastoral Institute of Latvia to plant many churches and gospel communities throughout Latvia.  Ganibas is a beautiful camp site which hosts family camps, leadership conferences, church retreats and draft camps. The draft camps are particularly effective in equipping teenage boys in a three year long discipleship training as future Christian leaders. 

Dates Running:

Since 2015, Trinity has sent teams to both Majvieta Church and Ganibas Camp. We've adopted a rhythm of sending a team one year and receiving a team from Latvia the following year. 

Who Can Get Involved:

Trinity and Majvieta Church was brought together by our mutual desire to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ proclaimed and lived out in Latvia. This partnership recognizes that each church has unique gifts and talents to offer as well as needs and shortcomings that require support and encouragement. This partnership encourages and builds up not just the leadership of the churches but everyone who gets involved through a relationship between our churches. It is through these ongoing interactions that we see a faithful commitment to Jesus' command, "Go... and make disciples of all nations..." (Matt 28:19). Typically high school age and above are involved with this ministry. 


Buzz Huget // Pastor //